I Cooked Thanksgiving for My Host Family!

by Cece Arrison

November 2014

High: Lots of traveling in November! Our third, and last, travel break was mid-month. I went to Prague, Barcelona, and Palma de Majorca with a friend from town (here in Gentofte) for the week. Prague was the best one; it was so incredibly cheap and beautiful. In Barcelona I best liked the church and apartment built by the architect/artist Gaudi. Those were beautiful and so unique. Majorca was nice because it was warmer than Denmark and beachy! I also went to Amsterdam for a weekend with a friend from my core class. I had an absolutely amazing time there. The city is really pretty and there is so much to do. We packed in every activity we could into 2.5 days there. I’d love to go back to the Netherlands some day!i-amsterdam

Low: I planned on going to Amsterdam without really looking through my syllabus for my classes, so I ended up with a huge amount of work due the day after we got back. I had gotten some of it done beforehand but that was really rough.

Glitter: I cooked Thanksgiving for my host family! Well, my host dad made the turkeys (we had two that equaled up to 20 lbs of turkey!!) and then my sister made roasted pumpkin. I made cranberry sauce, apple pie, green bean casserole, mashed potato, and cornbread! My Thanksgiving at home is really small but we 15 people over!! I was so nervous we weren’t going to have enough food but we had plenty, tons of leftovers. It was a big success!

Cece Arrison is a junior from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. For the next four months she is studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. She is in a psychology major and exercise and sports studies minor. 

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