My Glitter: Something Familiar

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by Emily Upin

High:  Visits from loved ones this month: Isaac (my boyfriend) and Heather (my sister). It was so great to have them both in Paris. I loved being the tour guide to this fantastic city. Turns out I must be a good tour guide. At the beginning of her trip Heather said, “I don’t get the big hoopla about this city.” After a week going to cafés, seeing the Eiffel Tower, walking in the Marais, and more she said: “I get it now. I don’t ever want to leave.” May is going to hard for me.

Low:  The Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks. I wasn’t in Paris at the time (I was in the South of France) so I didn’t have to witness or experience all the major scariness. But the attack at the Charlie Hebdo magazine was three metro stops north of where I’m living in Paris. It’s scary to realize that stuff like this can really happen in your own backyard. It really makes you think.

Glitter:  Hands down I loved spending the New Year in Paris with my boyfriend and one of my best friends from home. It was really nice to ring in the New Year with familiar faces, and to be in a city that has all of a sudden become so familiar. I can’t believe that just four months earlier I was getting lost on the metro or Google mapping the directions to a restaurant in a different arrondissement than mine. This city doesn’t seem big and scary. Paris feels smaller, easy to navigate, and like home. 

Emily Upin is a junior at Smith College. She is studying abroad in Paris, France this academic year and couldn’t be more excited to eat lots and lots of cheese. At Smith she is a psychology and French double major. Her interests also include theater, journaling and fashion.

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