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budapestby Josie Verchomin

High: I went to Budapest!!!

After having a rough week of work and writers block for days I met up with my friend Brady at the Dublin airport to fly to Budapest where we met up with Julia. We booked this trip through Weekend Study Abroad (WSA). They booked our hostel, bike tours, caving, and bath passes. After coming to the realization that I would need to write an essay while on this trip I figured my weekend would not be that great. Boy was I wrong. Exploring the city with two very understanding friends made this weekend productive and fun. I was only able to do this because my Mom gave me some great advise about doing work while traveling. She told me to put everything else aside and only allow myself to write this paper and be in Budapest. My favorite part about this trip was the Bike Tour. Our guide, Barbara, had grown up just outside the city and moved to Budapest to study the history and architecture. During her tour she was insanely passionate about everything having to do with those two subjects. IT WAS GREAT. I learned a lot about the city just from listening and biking with her. Biking through this city gave us a chance to see it all. I was won over by its ruins, cobbled streets, and intricate details. I fell in love with Budapest!

Low: HOMEWORK!!!!! ESSAYS!!!!!

My first real assignment was due this month. I knew traveling would impede my schoolwork, but I was optimistic until I wasn’t. An Essay was due between two of my trips. I wanted to finish it before traveling to Budapest but hours before I was supposed to take a bus to start that journey I had maybe written 100 words. I was sitting in my kitchen staring at my non-existent paper in utter and complete writers block. I was so distraught I ended up calling my mom – who whipped me back in to shape. I have to say traveling while in school is hard, but completely worth it.


Glitter: TRAVEL!!! TRAVEL!!! TRAVEL!!!

I went to Bristol, Salisbury, STONEHENGE, Exeter, Dartmoor, Budapest, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. It was a month of incredible adventures in incredible cities, with incredible people. This is my glitter because the experience was dazzling and it isn’t over yet.

Hiking through Dartmoor

Hiking through Dartmoor

I am a junior at Smith College studying at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) this spring. At Smith I am working towards a theatre major, psych minor and Native American and indigenous studies certificate. While in Ireland I hope to explore the culture, and history, as well as the local theatre life.

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