Hearing Little Morsels of Her Day

Alicia told us:

A few weeks ago my daughter, Ayla, began Kindergarten. While the transition was certainly monumental for her, it was incredibly bittersweet for me. For the first time since her birth, I was sending her off to a new place for 30+ hours a week; giving her up to days I would only be able to glimpse through her eyes.

After a few days of hearing that the best parts of school were “lunch, recess, and her teacher” my husband and I decided to implement High-Low-Glitter at the dinner table. Suddenly, we were hearing about new friends, feet that got too hot in her gym shoes, and the Social Studies teacher who came to school dressed as Ms. Viola Swamp.

High-Low-Glitter has now become a routine all of us look forward to; just as we enjoy hearing little morsels of her day, she looks forward to sharing them. Three weeks into Kindergarten, we’re more in step with our girl, which has made the transition much easier on all of us.

unnamedFrom the mouth of my freshly-minted Kindergartener:

High: Playing tag with my new friends AND my old friends at recess.

Low: When the gym teacher forgot I was the line leader.

Glitter: Writer’s Workshop. All of a sudden I love writing! Today I wrote about swimming lessons, swimming in the ocean, and swimming teachers.

Alicia Lacy is a writer for Curbly.com and mom to Ayla (5) and Zev (2).

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