High: El Salvador’s Diverse Landscape

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by Anne Ruelle

February 2015

High: This month, there were a lot of volunteer events, which meant I had to travel quite a bit.  From the cool mountains of Chalatenango to the surfer beaches to urban San Salvador, I experienced the full extent of El Salvador’s diverse landscape.

Low:  With elections on March 1st, it was difficult to organize community activities because many community members were preoccupied with the political campaigns.

Glitter:  We got to reunite with a volunteer who had to end his service early for medical reasons.  It was great to see him again, if only for a little while, and after seeing him another friend came to stay with me for election weekend to bake and make travel plans to Nicaragua.  With six months left, we have to take advantage of every day!

AnneAnne Ruelle graduated from Providence College in 2013.  By working to promote social change and forming strong relationships, she hopes to be a part of creating a more just, equal world.  She is currently a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Community Organization and Economic Development project in El Salvador and lives in a hot, rural community in the East.  She loves eating pupusas, salsa dancing, and learning Salvadoran “caliche” (slang).

The contents of these posts are personal and do not reflect any position of the US government or Peace Corps.

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