High Low Glitter: Denmark


by Cece Arrison

August 2014

High: For starters, arriving in Copenhagen! I’m so excited about the program I’m in and so far I absolutely love my classes. They are especially exciting because, even though they are in the same subject matter, they are all classes Smith doesn’t offer. My Economics of Crime class is my favorite so far, closely followed by Danish and Medical Ethics. Plus, our semester is set up so we basically have two weeks of classes, then a week long break. I have four breaks over the semester but the first two I spend with my European Clinical Psych class then the last two I can travel on my own!

Low: It has rained nearly every single day since I’ve gotten here so that makes it difficult to sight-see. Also, I knew it was going to be expensive here but I didn’t realize how expensive certain items would be. For example, there are some bars where a beer costs 50 kronor, which is nearly $9.

Glitter: My host family is the best. I was concerned before coming that their house would be a long way from school and I’d have an hour commute or longer, but instead I only have a commute of about 25 minutes. My host sister is nearly my age so we get along really well and my host dad is very nice as well. It’s just us three and then two cats!

Cece Arrison is a junior from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. For the next four months she is studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. She is in a psychology major and exercise and sports studies minor. 

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