We’re On a Mission

We’re on a mission. We are on a mission to deepen human connection.  We are on a mission to inspire self-reflection. We are on a mission to increase joy through the meaningful sharing of life’s ups – and downs.

In an ever-distracted world, we believe High Low Glitter can do all that and more.

How can three small words do all this, you may ask?  Strong relationships, self-awareness and meaningful experiences are key ingredients in living happier, more fulfilling lives. Actions that strengthen relationships, incite self-reflection and call attention to experiences are at the root of High Low Glitter.

Whether you share your daily high, low and glitter around the dinner table, during a phone conversation, online at highlowglitter.com or using our app, you:

  • pause to reflect which leads you to savor experiences big and small.
  • consider your day in an honest, holistic way, seeing the good – and bad – which provides perspective and balance.
  • share your authentic reflections with the people who matter most, which strengthens connection and initamcy.
  • create greater joy and happiness in your life and in the lives of those you hold most dear.

High Low Glitter is on a mission.  Join us and be part of it.

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