High Low Glitter: MN State Fair Edition


High Low Glitter originates from the land of 10,000 lakes, aka Minnesota. The Minnesota State Fair is a big deal in our neck of the woods. The fair has the largest average daily attendance of any state fair in the nation with over 1.7 million people expected to attend the 12 day event. In that time, fairgoers will eat over 500,000 corndogs and 4 million mini donuts. There are stuffed animals to win in the midway. Rides to ride. Baby animals to watch being born. Blue ribbons to see. Butter sculptures to admire. And a whole lot more.


Everyone has their “must-do” “must-have” fair favorites. Are they are your highs? Your glitters?

Whether you go for a few hours or all day, share your High Low Glitter of this year’s trip to the fair with us in the comment box below. Or if you’re on Twitter, share your highs, lows, and glitters with us using #mnstatefair #HighLowGlitter.

Have fun!


What was the best part of your time at the fair?


What was the worst part of your time at the fair?


What was a fun, unexpected moment from your time at the fair that made the day extra awesome?


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2 thoughts on “High Low Glitter: MN State Fair Edition

  1. Emily says:

    I went to the fair on the first day!

    High: It was the first day of the fair and I was expecting it to be super crowded but it wasn’t. It was actually pretty uncrowded as the MN fair goes. Lines were short so it was pretty great.

    Low: It was humid. Icky MN humid weather.

    Glitter: I got to see a little piglet being born. It was so tiny and cute!

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