High Low Glitter: Paris

by Emily Upin

Week One

High: Paris. It is everything you think it would be and more. The streets are small and European. The buildings have the most beautiful old architecture. The cars are très petit. The Seine is beautiful. The metro is dirty but fun. Basically my high is Paris but it is also being able to navigate around Paris. I’m doing a really good job with that. I recognize things already!  And can imagine what else I’ll be able to do a few months from now!

Low: I’m sick! The first week in Paris and I get a cold or un rhume as the French call it. My nose is running as are my eyes. My chest hurts a bit and because of that I haven’t been able to go out and explore as much as I have wanted to. I’m getting my rest though so I will be able to go wander and explore soon.




Glitter: I have a few glitters…

  1. My host mother. She is wonderful and THE BEST cook. She helps me with speaking French and only gets a little annoyed when I butcher it completely.
  2. My room in my host mom’s apartment is très parisien with a big window and an even bigger mirror. Also, the bed is so comfortable.
  3. While wandering around Le Gare du Lyon I happened upon a vending machine that sold only nail polish. It had every color you could imagine and each bottle only cost 6 euros. So cool!


Emily Upin is a junior at Smith College. She is studying abroad in Paris, France this academic year and couldn’t be more excited to eat lots and lots of cheese. At Smith she is a psychology and French double major. Her interests also include theater, journaling and fashion.

One thought on “High Low Glitter: Paris

  1. Susu says:

    The immediacy of your impressions of Paris are just wonderful. Authentic and so uncluttered, reading them is almost as fun as being there myself. I look forward to reliving old favorite experiences and indulging in new ones you will bring to me. Keep having fun!

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