High Low Glitter: Summer Edition


I saw my niece and nephew a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t seem them all summer.

“How’s summer been?” I asked.

Both of them gave me enthusiastic thumbs-up.

“What’s been so great about it?” I probed.

“Camp,” said Ellie.

“Camp,” said Jack.

Does the one-word answer sound familiar to anyone?

Next I asked them each to tell me their summer’s High Low Glitter. The floodgates opened. I heard about travel, camp activities and adventures, ill-behaved cabinmates, camp customs and humor and, my favorite, a lovely description of sunrise while camping on the shores of Lake Superior.

The stories kept coming. Finally my sister pleaded with me to go make dinner. Which I did.  And over dinner we shared the day’s High Low Glitter.

Please share your summer’s High Low Glitter with us.

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