High Low Glitter Trumps Mom Questions, and Propels Her


One evening over a year ago, when highlowglitter.com was just a concept, I asked my spouse and business partner Ted: High Low Glitter?  As is Ted’s custom, he shared his low (he likes to get the worst part of the day out of the way first), then his high and finally his glitter.  His glitter struck a cord. He had emailed back and forth with my daughter Heather that day. In their exchange, he asked her: High Low Glitter? His glitter was reading her response. He loved learning about her day – about her life at college –  through the information she shared when prompted by these three words.

Earlier in the day I had talked to Heather.  We chatted for about 25 minutes. I assumed I had all the updates after talking to her.  Then I asked Ted to share Heather’s High Low Glitter with me.  During Heather’s and my conversation I had heard a version of the High.  I had heard about the Low.  But I didn’t have a clue about the Glitter.  And the glitter was an illuminating, delightful glimpse into Heather’s day.

In a way Ted got more information by asking “High Low Glitter?” than I did by cycling through my routine “mom questions” – how are you? how is school? what is new? blah blah blah.  What Ted got was the most meaningful part of his day.  And it was just the impetus I needed to push forward and make highlowglitter.com a reality.

Stephanie-RossStephanie Ross is the creator of High Low Glitter and co-founder of highlowglitter.com. Stephanie wears many hats including executive coach/consultant and entrepreneur, but none more important than mom to twin daughters Emily and Heather. She can reached at [email protected]

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