High: Springtime in Paris

Jardin Luxembourg

Jardin Luxembourg

by Emily Upin

High:  Springtime in Paris

I’ve had a great end to this year abroad in Paris so it’s difficult for me to pick just one High of the springtime. But I guess I would have to say the springtime is my High. For one, the trees have leaves again which makes the world look alive. I haven’t had to use a metro because of the weather. People walk and restaurants open their terraces again.

I also got the chance to travel to the UK this semester. I spent 10 days in Dublin, Edinburg, and London and it did not rain once! What are the chances of that!?

Low:  An hour and a half long line

I visited Versailles. Despite the beautiful rooms, it was a horrible visit. I went on a Sunday. NEVER do that. The hordes of people were so insane. I waited in line for an hour and a half (which was better than the three hours I was told I would be waiting). Then just to get into the rooms I again had to wait. Once inside there were so many people in each room/hallway that I felt like I was swimming in a river of human bodies. It was horrible! Needless to say, I’m not good with crowds.

Lines at Versailles

Lines at Versailles

Glitter: A mix of English and French

Since it’s the end of the year (two weeks left!!) and my host mom doesn’t feel the need to force the French language down my throat, we’ve been getting along a lot better! We now speak a mix of English and French to each other. We laugh a lot more. It’s a lot more relaxed and really nice. We’ve gotten along better and maybe even became better friends.

Emily Upin is a junior at Smith College. She is studying abroad in Paris, France this academic year and couldn’t be more excited to eat lots and lots of cheese. At Smith she is a psychology and French double major. Her interests also include theater, journaling and fashion.

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