Costa Rica Month 2. HLG?


by Catricia Morris

Second Month

High: I have a couple!

First, I started student teaching this month! I am working in a kindergarten classroom and it has been going really well so far! All of the teachers at the school are great and I am learning a lot about bilingual education. As the month went on I began to feel more and more like a real teacher, which is a really great feeling. Also, because the town is so small, sometimes I see my students in town and they always say hi to me. It has made me feel like I am really part of the community here.

Second, it was my birthday month! It was hard being away from all of my family and friends for my birthday, but my host family threw me a mini party so that made me feel really good. I also got to celebrate with the other students in my program so that was nice as well.

Low: Not being at school with my friends has been something that I have really struggled with this month. I knew it was going to be hard, but I was not expecting to miss Swarthmore as much as I do. I love getting to talk to my friends who are at school, but at the same time it makes me miss being a college students. I don’t feel like a college students here; I feel like a teacher, which is great and frustrating at the same time. So, while I have loved this experience thus far, I do think that being away will make me appreciate being at school more for the year and a half that I have left there.

Glitter: Some of my favorite moments here have been the times when I have gotten to see the community of Monteverde come together. The town is really small so everyone knows everyone and when there is some kind of town gathering there is always a strong sense of unity. It’s not just people that live in the same town going to to the same place; it’s people that live in the same town going to a place so that they can be together and celebrate together. Having each other around seems to be important and I love that. This month I got to experience this with the Independence Day celebration and the events in the week leading up to it.

Catricia Morris is currently a junior at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. This semester she is studying abroad in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Throughout her four months there she will be taking Spanish classes and working at one of the local bilingual schools as a student teacher in a kindergarten classroom.

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