HLG from Costa Rica: Month 3

Granada, Nicaragua. The architecture in Granada is beautiful!

Granada, Nicaragua. The architecture in Granada is beautiful!

by Catricia Morris

Month Three

High: This month the school that I am working at had a week long break during which all of the interns went to Nicaragua to renew our visas. I had no idea what to expect from the trip, but it ended up being extremely fun. We went to Granada and got to spend four days both relaxing and doing really fun and educational activities. Even though I wasn’t technically in Costa Rica, I think that trip is one of my favorite parts of my time abroad  so far.

Low: Working at a school as an intern is hard. Because I am not technically a teacher but I am teaching in a classroom and playing the role of teacher with the students, there are some moments where I don’t really know what my role should be or how much responsibility I should take on. It is hard to define the intern-teacher relationships with the other teachers at the school, especially with new teachers who have been teaching pretty much as long as I have. I am learning a lot during my time teaching, but some days at school are definitely a struggle.

Glitter: I have had a very up-and-down experience with living with a host family. I have always liked my family, but living with a different family was something that was really hard for me to get used to at the beginning of the semester. I realized this month that I am now comfortable in my house and that I am enjoying living with a family here. It will never feel the same as living with my family back at home, but I am happy living with my family here and I didn’t know if I would ever get to that point when I first got here.

Catricia Morris is currently a junior at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. This semester she is studying abroad in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Throughout her four months there she will be taking Spanish classes and working at one of the local bilingual schools as a student teacher in a kindergarten classroom.

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