Home for the Holidays

by Anne Ruelle

December 2014

snowHigh: Spending two weeks with my family for Christmas.  It was the first time in 18 months that I saw my brother and my dad and it felt so good to be home with everyone.  Having a full kitchen, dishwasher, and washing machine was heavenly.  My boyfriend from El Salvador was also able to come with me and I loved being able to play cultural guide with him, finally returning so much of the kindness and hospitality that Salvadorans have shown me throughout my service.

Low:  I had a bout of migraines for about a week in San Salvador, which meant I had to cancel the year-end celebrations I had planned with my girls group and savings committee.

Glitter:  Christmas is my favorite holiday and it was incredible to spend it with my family.  It even snowed, so we went sledding and made snow angels.  It was such a great two weeks that all the days blur together into a ball of happiness, smiles, and good food.

AnneAnne Ruelle graduated from Providence College in 2013.  By working to promote social change and forming strong relationships, she hopes to be a part of creating a more just, equal world.  She is currently a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Community Organization and Economic Development project in El Salvador and lives in a hot, rural community in the East.  She loves eating pupusas, salsa dancing, and learning Salvadoran “caliche” (slang).

The contents of these posts are personal and do not reflect any position of the US government or Peace Corps.

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