I Hate Glitter

So why on earth did I name our much-beloved family dinner time game – now micro-social networking site – High Low Glitter?

glitter2I hate glitter.

When my girls were little they begged me to let them use glitter any time they did an art project. More often than I care to admit, I acquiesced. They loved it so much.

I hated it so much. Glitter gets everywhere! Days after the art project is over you are still finding specks of glitter – on the floor, in the bed, on your cheek, in your hair.

If you have ever let a child play with glitter in your presence, you know what I am talking about.

So why on earth did I name our much-beloved family dinner time game – now micro-social networking site – High Low Glitter? What was I thinking? The truth is I don’t remember. But upon reflection, I am so glad we chose glitter.

Glitter is small, but stands out and dazzles. It makes whatever object it adorns – a card, a party hat, a marquee – pop with delight, pulling attention, grabbing our interest and making the ordinary extraordinary.

So does High Low Glitter’s kind of glitter. A “glitter” is the moment in your the day that stands out and grabs your attention. It is a small piece of the day, an exceptional moment that for whatever reason catches your attention and dazzles you. It makes the ordinary extraordinary, exceptional, special, meaningful. And because you take the time to notice it, it sticks with you for days.

Now I love glitter. And am grateful for every minute of it.

Stephanie-RossStephanie Ross is the creator of High Low Glitter and co-founder of highlowglitter.com. Stephanie wears many hats including executive coach/consultant and entrepreneur, but none more important than mom to twin daughters Emily and Heather. She can reached [email protected]

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