I Lost It


Emily and Heather, First Day of School 2nd Grade

School supply shopping. Check. First day of school photo. Check. “How was your day?” Answer: “Fine.” Check.

Back to school time.

My daughters were heading into kindergarten when I created our family dinnertime game: High Low Glitter. It was a great way to get my kids talking – in detail – about their days.  You can’t answer “fine” when you are asked “what was the best part of the day?” Because everyone at the table shares their High Low Glitter, the activity had the added bonus of teaching my kids to listen, empathize and converse as we all asked questions and discussed further the stories being told.

I admit through middle school there were nights that the girls grumbled when I asked: “High Low Glitter?” But at least a few nights a week I got answers. When we hit high school, accustomed to sharing openly and honestly, my kids spared no details. I knew who was having the parties, who was getting in to trouble and more.

After my girls left for college, I decided to create a place for us to share High Low Glitter from a distance. In the development phase of the website, my business partner looked at me one day and said, “Wow imagine all those High Low Glitters you lost!” I stared at him. Suddenly I realized I could not remember a single High Low Glitter exchange.

I burst into tears. I had lost it. “It” being almost 15 years of precious High Low Glitter moments shared around the table from kindergarten through high school. GONE.

This school year, don’t lose it! Record it! After dinner, grab your device, head to your computer, log in to your High Low Glitter account and capture those precious, meaningful moments that get shared during your families recounting of the days highs and lows.

It will be well worth it. You will have a record of the little moments that make up the stories of our lives and seem to matter most.

Meanwhile both Emily and Heather just looked at the above photo and asked me what happened to Emily’s chin. Of course, I have no clue, but had I had highlowglitter.com back then, I bet I could tell you today.

Don’t have an account? It’s free. Sign-up now!

Stephanie-RossStephanie Ross is the creator of High Low Glitter and co-founder of highlowglitter.com. Stephanie wears many hats including executive coach/consultant and entrepreneur, but none more important than mom to twin daughters Emily and Heather. She can be reached at [email protected]