Latest High Low Glitter from Denmark

by Cece Arrison

October 2014

High: September was the month of core course. At DIS we take 4 electives and a core course, mine is European Clinical Psychology. Three weeks ago we had core course week where we went on a trip to Jutland (the part of Denmark that is attached to Germany) for a class trip for three days. Then we came back and had only that class for the rest of the week. Then this past week my class had our long study tour where we went to Brussels, Belgium for 6 days. Brussels was a phenomenal city, it smells like waffles everywhere, and I had so much fun. I got much closer to my classmates and found a group that I really like. We are working on coming up with nicknames for everyone in the class and it is turning out to be hilarious. I’m excited to go back to regular class with everyone since we are so much closer now.

Low: I was reading the book My Sister’s Keeper on our way to Brussels last weekend and it hit me with a wave of homesickness right in the airport. It was rough but thankfully I held it together

Glitter: My birthday was this month and my host family went all out for me. I’m their 7th student but first to have a birthday while with them. They made a huge brunch for me, including presents, then we went to Frederiksborg Castle which was beautiful. Then in the evening I had some DIS friends over for a dinner. It was odd not spending my birthday with my family but really nice to have one here that takes care of me!

Cece Arrison is a junior from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. For the next four months she is studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. She is in a psychology major and exercise and sports studies minor. 

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