Low: Le Grippe


IMG_6555by Emily Upin

High:  Prague!

The French have a weird break at the end of February. In the schools it’s called “Semaine du lecture” (reading week in the states… though there aren’t any midterms.) Anyways, I was able to travel for a week. I went to Prague! It was fantastic. The city was so beautiful. I lucked out and had gorgeous weather every day I was there. The trip was especially great because I got to spend time with one of my friends from Smith. It was so nice seeing her and it helped with some of my homesickness (see Low.)

IMG_6523Low:  Le Grippe

I got sick. And not just any sick, I got Le Grippe or the French equivalent of the flu. I was in bed for an entire week with an achy body, sore throat, and a super congested head (luckily the fever went away after the second day.) It was not fun to say the least and it made me homesick for my family and friends from home. Unfortunately, I’m still feeling the homesickness a bit.

Glitter: The Situation Room

I saw a really cool piece of theater with my French theater class. I probably wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for this class, so I’m very grateful that I’m in the class! The show was called Situation Rooms. It was less of a play and more of an interactive “game.” There was an “audience” of 20 people. Each person was given an iPad and told to follow it. Then, we were let go into the scene which was a construction of multiple rooms all connected and intertwined. We followed our iPads which followed the stories of 20 different people all connected by something having to do with the arms trade or weapons in general. I don’t know if my description is doing it justice, but it was fantastic.

Emily Upin is a junior at Smith College. She is studying abroad in Paris, France this academic year and couldn’t be more excited to eat lots and lots of cheese. At Smith she is a psychology and French double major. Her interests also include theater, journaling and fashion.

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