Ms. K in Madagascar

Boats in Manakar

Boats in Manakar


by Margaret Kelberer

First Month of 3rd Year

High: It feels good to be where I now call “home”, when I was very apprehensive about coming back. I am reminded how wonderful the people are, and really love my 14 new 4th grade students, all use English as their 3rd or 4th language!

Low: Conversely it is hard to be so far away! I struggle with the high of being in an amazing place and the low of the distance home.

Glitter: We took our first trip – travel is amazing here – to a paradise island and saw mother and baby humpback whales!

Margaret and FriendMargaret Kelberer (aka Ms K) is a 4th grade teacher at the American School of Antananarivo. Always a global citizen, she is thrilled to be teaching overseas finally!


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