Paris: Month 3 High Low Glitter

The light is a bit goldener (don’t ask me how, it just is.)

The light is a bit goldener (don’t ask me how, it just is.)

by Emily Upin

High:  Paris in the fall. It is so lovely and so annoying at the same time. It’s so lovely because there are leaves that blow in the wind and crunch at my feet as I walk. The light is a bit goldener (don’t ask me how, it just is.) There’s a chill in the air, but the sun still shines and warms me, and the fall wardrobe is so fun (leather, and boots, and jeans, and scarves — I love it!) It’s annoying because it rains. A lot. BUT Paris in the rain is still so magical and lovely that even though it annoys me it makes me smile.

Low:  School. Or more specifically the French schooling system. It is so complicated and they teach so differently and the students are graded in such a different way that it is hard to wrap my head around it. I have no day-to-day homework but I am constantly bombarded and busy doing work that I just don’t understand it. Also, I feel like I should be getting this French language better than I think I do at this point. (Though I probably am not giving myself enough credit.)

Glitter:  I started going to visit my French friend at his school on Rock and Roll night. Basically it is a big dance party but not gross a Amherst party dancing: swing dancing. He’s started teaching me how to do it by dancing with me and IT’S SO FUN! I’m not good at dancing (examples: I step on his feet and I almost fell when he dipped me) but it is still amusing and apparently I’m improving (according to him).

Emily Upin is a junior at Smith College. She is studying abroad in Paris, France this academic year and couldn’t be more excited to eat lots and lots of cheese. At Smith she is a psychology and French double major. Her interests also include theater, journaling and fashion.

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