Proud Mom Shares ‘Nurse Becky’ HLG

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by Cindy Schultz

Editors note: HLG fan Cindy Schultz shared a news story about her daughter Becky, a pediatric cancer nurse, with us. We were so inspired by the story we shared it on our Facebook page. Cindy then graciously shared this HLG with us.

Parents are often proud of their children’s achievements, and more importantly, proud of who they have become.


Rick and I have always felt that Becky had unique gifts. She is full of compassion, spontaneous, creative, and has a love of life. We always looked for opportunities to bring out the best in her as she was growing up and to support her in her dreams.


School was challenging for Becky due to some learning disabilities. In spite of these difficulties, she persevered and graduated from college. After a few years, she was looking for a career and chose to go into nursing. She managed to take a heavy load of science pre-requisites, figured out a way to study and thrived in the pre-requisites and her nursing program.


Watching the recent newscast on KSL, we were brought to tears by witnessing what an impact our daughter has on children and families challenged with cancer. All of those qualities that we have cherished in her are now being utilized in an incredible way, and we are so proud of the amazing woman she has become. What more can a parent want for their children?

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