Study Abroad: Sharing the Good, the Bad and the Glitter

parisEditors Note: I recently had the pleasure of talking to author and Twenty in Paris founder Andrea Bouchaud. Andrea and I discovered we had something in common. We both believe in the importance of sharing the good and bad, the ups and downs. Andrea’s on a mission to prepare students for the ups and downs of study abroad and High Low Glitter is the place to share those marvelous and challenging moments with the ones back home who matter most.

Who doesn’t dream of passing the Eiffel Tower every day on your way to class? Or being able to eat yummy baguettes with most meals? It’s easy to see why many students dream of studying abroad in Paris. But studying abroad in the beautiful City of Light isn’t always as easy as one, two, oui. To better prepare yourself for the amazing experience of studying abroad in Paris, you need to know that there will be high, low, and glitter moments. Let’s take a look:

High: Paris. It’s true that Paris is a very beautiful city and is home to world-class museums, great food, and excellent universities. France is also conveniently located in the heart of Europe which makes traveling to other countries on breaks or long weekend trips easy and affordable.

Low: Paris. Paris is like the NYC of France. It’s not a good representation of what French culture is really like nor other French cities. My top 5 lows about living in Paris are strikes, graffiti, really smelly metro stations, pickpockters, and con artists.

Glitter: Paris. Paris is beautiful during the day, but it is spectacular at night. Why? Because it glitters! Literally. It’s called the City of Light for a reason. Paris at night is all lit up from the sparkling Eiffel Tower to the illuminated trees of the Champs-Elysées to the glowing silhouettes of every major monument. It’s a definite must see and a glitter moment that never dulls.


Andrea Bouchaud Author HeadshotHaving studied abroad in Paris for a year, Andrea Bouchaud understands that living in the City of Light isn’t always easy. Her hands on experience with French culture and language immersion as an American student inspired her to write 2 books – Twenty in Paris: A Young American Perspective of Studying Abroad in Paris (2013) and The Paris Diaries: The Study Abroad Experience Uncensored (2014) both on Amazon’s Kindle Store. Connect with Andrea at


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