Today’s Lows

Today was an average Monday: continue tying up loose ends of the previous week and attend to some newly formed loose ends. It was a four-day weekend so the strings are magnified in number and size. That’s a low.

The house was quite today, with the kids having flown the coop back to college. The ruckus of two 20-year-olds coming and going and being twenty prevented me from “productivity” this weekend.  But now I hear not a need for quietude but the silence from their absence.  That’s a low.

Today I got out for a 30-minute bike ride, for which I should be grateful this time of year in Minnesota. Thirty minutes after getting home, it started to snow, so it may be the last ride for a while.  That’s a low.

If today I come off as Mr. Complainer-Pants, that’s okay because, if you don’t have the lows, you can’t see the highs. Today I can embrace both my highs and lows in their symbiotic necessity for balance and gratitude.

Ted-ZuhlsdorfTed Zuhlsdorf is co-founded with his partner Stephanie Ross.  A serial entrepreneur and Internet marketer, Ted spends the majority of his waking hours helping clients increase web traffic and business revenue.  When he is not at his computer he can be found riding one of his seven bicycles. He can reached at [email protected]

One thought on “Today’s Lows

  1. Cindy Schultz says:

    Understand the highs and lows, yet you are continuing to see the gifts in all of life. Glad you got to ride before all this snow and cold!

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