IMG951840Why do you High Low Glitter?

I started using High Low Glitter to keep in touch with my twin daughters when they left for college. It has been a great way to know what’s happening in their lives in a more in depth way than texting which we do often.

Who do you High Low Glitter with?

Just my daughters. They also share their posts with their mom and a couple friends, but I don’t see those connections and I like that.

What about High Low Glitter has surprised and delighted you? (AKA what’s the glitter?)

The quality of interaction given how fast and easy it is to post. I’ve found HLG to be a wonderful tool for feeling like I really know what’s going on in my daughters’ lives. We’re all very busy and finding time for a quality conversation is rare. But if we each take a minute – and that is all it takes – to write in our HLG, we stay connected in a really nice way. When we do talk, we refer back to the stuff we read about in each others HLG’s.

– David Upin, dad


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