HLG has allowed me to see certain aspects of myself in a new light.

Why do you High Low Glitter?

I started using HLG because I was looking for an easy platform to do some self-reflection and journaling. I have decided to make it a habit because I noticed I really responded to the format and how it was making me think, as well as the convenience of the platform.

Who do you High Low Glitter with?

I use High Low Glitter by myself as a personal journal and self reflection tool.

What about the High Low Glitter experience has surprised and delighted you (aka what’s the glitter)?

What really surprised me about High Low Glitter was something I eluded to earlier, which was how I personally responded to this unique method of reflection. I’m the kind of person who has a life that’s a lot of the times flying at 50 miles an hour, thing coming at me left and right, so it’s often hard to find time to think about what’s going on in my life and internalize it. HLG has allowed me to see certain aspects of myself in a new light. I’ve seen that I become more efficient and effective in everyday life when I’m able to look back on previous HLG’s.
james-farnsworth– James Farnsworth
High school senior at Highland Park Senior High School in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He is very involved in Minnesota YMCA Youth in Government among many other activities. When not at school or work, he enjoys the culinary arts, watching reality TV, and catching up on current events via Twitter.

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