Why I HLG?


by Emily Everson

Why do you High Low Glitter?

I started using HLG after a YMCA Youth in Government conference where we reflected on our days at our nightly meetings. Since there were many of us, to keep things short and allow everyone to share we shared our highs, lows, and glitters. Once I got home from the conference, I realized how beneficial it was to reflect on the events of the day. My good friend, James Farnsworth, told me about the app and I downloaded it right away.

Who do you High Low Glitter with?

My best friends from high school.

What about the High Low Glitter experience has surprised and delighted you (aka what’s the glitter)?

Naturally, my friends and I were all nervous to go away to college and the potential of our friendships drifting. HLG has kept us connected in a way I never would have imagined. While life gets busy and we don’t always have the time to talk, reading everyone’s HLG before bed keeps us up to date with each other’s lives. Honestly, it has brought us all closer. We love it so much!!
EmilyEEmily Everson is a freshmen at the University of Minnesota studying at the Carlson School of Management hoping to major in accounting and non-profit management. She is from Lakeville, MN and graduated  from Lakeville South High School in June 2015. She volunteers at the YMCA on campus with the Youth in Government program, a program she fell in love with in high school. In her free time, she loves watching sports, running, and just being outside. 

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