Christine and Abby

Christine and Abby

Why do you High Low Glitter?

When I am home we High Low Glitter in person around the dinner table, and I missed it when we were apart.  We started an HLG paper book version when I travelled. Abby would fill it out while I was gone and when I got home I would read all of the entries with her. It worked great but if I am gone for a week, I want to be engaged everyday in what’s happening in her life.

It is difficult to ask kids questions over the phone or on FaceTime to get them talking about their day. I find that the simple, repetitive nature of HLG creates comfort and consistency. She thinks about it during the day, knows what I will ask and has an answer. If you say, “how was your day today,” it doesn’t yield the same results. Usually you get the standard “Fine!”

We now use the App to communicate with each other everyday. It is part of the routine. It is a simple way for me to connect with her while I’m away in addition to the FaceTime calls where most of the time she is distracted!

What about High Low Glitter has surprised and delighted you? (AKA what’s the glitter?)

The very best part of HLG for us has been me sharing my ups and downs with Abby. As parents we try to sugar coat our lives and tend to only focus on them and what they “want” to hear. My relationship with my daughter is deeper and richer because I post my real highs and lows, and she gets to understand what a good day (or a bad one) really looks like for Mommy. If the best part of my day was landing a big marketing program proposal, then that’s what I tell her. She is learning a lot about Mommy and I am learning a lot about her at the same time.

– Christine Blumer
Dedicated single mom and business traveler, travelling for technology marketing job 10-15 days per month

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